PowerDNS on Rails is a Ruby on Rails based web application for managing your PowerDNS databases, through the PowerDNS generic MySQL/PostgreSQL backend.


To install via Git:

  1. $ git clone git://github.com/kennethkalmer/powerdns-on-rails.git
  2. $ cd powerdns-on-rails
  3. Review config/database.yml and modify as needed
  4. $ rake db:migrate
  5. $ rake db:seed
  6. $ ruby script/server
  7. Point your browser to http://localhost:3000
  8. Login with ‘admin’ and ‘secret’

Note on versions: I don’t really believe this project should have version numbers, it will stay at 1 forever. The “master” branch of the public repo will always be stable and fully functional. Github provides RSS feeds for repository activity, and I announce new features and updates on my blog and the PowerDNS mail list


PowerDNS on Rails aims to provide a simple web based management platform for PowerDNS systems using the generic MySQL/PostgreSQL backend provided by PowerDNS.

PowerDNS’s features include:

  • Zone Templates, useful for adding new zones
  • Macros, useful for predefining changes and applying them selectively to zones
  • Multiple users and admin/owner roles
  • Basic reporting
  • Integrated searching
  • Audit history of domain/RR changes
  • Ever growing support for a variety of RR types
  • RESTful API for integration into other systems


PowerDNS on Rails development is sponsored by ISP in a Box in form of using company time and resources to build and maintain the project. PowerDNS powers the DNS infrastructure for ISP in a Box.

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